OK Now that it looks like things are slowing down I will be making changes on the WEBSITE. I will be changing the photos and adding more pages. 

Another thing. You may not be able to access this site, I will be moving my domain name to a different registrar. So It may take a while to update the Internet DNS Servers. But have no fear it will be back.

I hope to be adding more photos & Albums when I get the chance. 

So Look for the changes. You got any thing you want to see?!  Send Me An E-Mail and I'll see what I can do.



Click here to view the Holiday Valley Photo Album

Click here to view the photo album from the first trip to H.V.

Click here to view the Winter Trip to Lakeside photo album.

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Matlack Funeral Home Check this out I purchased this hand fan on Ebay thought it was kind of cool. Check out who the Director was.

Check out The Delaware County Web Site It's where I spend 40 Hours each week working for the Engineer's Office.  And I love it!


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